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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Call Bob at 860.249.1262

Need help with your:

Personal Computer?
iPhone or Android cell phone?

Want to build a website for yourself, your business and sell your services or items through eCommerce and watch your business begin to thrive?
Want to learn how to use your technology more effective and have a working knowledge of how it will benefit you and your personal and business needs?

I’m  Bob your Connecticut Computer Coach with over 30 years of experience in helping individuals and businesses people solve technology issues, empower people through group and one on one training and most of all finally get rid of the fear people have about technology.

I have helped and empowered people to feel more confident in using and understanding how to make the most of their technology in a very short time. My services are provided at a rate that is cost effective and affordable to everyone. Not only you receive individual help but at a place that is convenient to you! No more taking your equipment to a big box store and have to wait days or weeks for your equipment is fixed. I come to you and resolve your issue(s) right in front of you, and help you better understand what's going on with your equipment.

*                      Personal Computer?
o   Is it running slow, virus issues, need repairs?
o   Need help with buying a new one?
o   Would you like to know more about it?
*                      iPhone or Android cell phone?
o   Running out of space?
o   Can’t download anymore apps?
o   Want to learn how to Skype or chat face to face with your friends & family from a distance?
*                      Website?
o   Need a personal or company website?
o   Want to sell things on eBay, Amazon…?
o   Want to learn how to build one yourself?

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Robert J. Bernardi Resume

(860) 249-1262


§  Creative and critical thinker, organized, detail oriented and analytical.
§  Results oriented problem solver.
§  Technologically savvy: understands the mechanics and psychological
nuances of system implementations.
§  Experience spanning multiple business applications in diverse industries.  
§  Ability to communicate to both technical and non-technical audiences
§  Excellence in training, software/hardware implementations.
§  Communication of business ventures.

Ø  Training & Development………………………           Camtasia Visual Media Suite, WebEx, Adobe Captivate
Ø  Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity……..          Strohl's Living Disaster Recovery Planning System
Ø  Human Resources Information Systems, HRIS..          PeopleSoft, InPower Systems, HRSoft
Ø  Misc. Software Applications & Tools………….          Microsoft Office Suite, Crystal Report Writer,
                                                                        PeachTree, QuickBooks, SQL, Dreamweaver, FrontPage


Travelers Insurance Company. Inc.                                                                             March 2015 – Present
300 Windsor Street, Harford, CT 06
Sound Business Solutions, LLC. (Contract)                                                                 July 2014 – March 2015
270 Farmington Ave, STE 347, Farmington, CT 06032
Technical Support Service Advisor:
Ø  Ø Uses strong analytical skills, business and technical knowledge to provide operational and business support for computer systems to various internal and external customers via phone and non-phone methods related to Supported Systems
Ø   Ø Proactively seeks opportunities to reduce costs and improve customer service
Ø           Ø Identifies and develops problem resolution and knowledge database for use by service desk staff
Ø          Ø Assumes ownership for a positive customer interaction for all calls taken
Ø    Ø Uses available resources and industry best practices to determine if system(s) require corrective action and develops interim alternative work flows when possible
Ø   Ø Answers internal/external customer phone calls, emails and fax inquiries and communicates 
Ø            Ø Understands established service level agreements, and effectively works to meet or exceed those standards
Ø           Ø Analyzes inquiry using various investigative tools to determine if system changes are required
Ø           Ø Logs customer inquiries in corporate ticket tool and escalates to IT personnel on an as needed 
Ø   Ø   Create and/or update team systems related procedure manuals
Ø             Ø Develop manual/materials to assist in the training of staff
Ø   Ø Demonstrated a solid knowledge of application systems and of the systems area supporting the business functions
Ø              Ø Knowledge of the systems interfaces with the business operations work-flow and a conceptual 
            understanding of the business
Ø   Ø Proficient in the use agency system configurations and applications
Ø              Ø Maintains a basic knowledge of business trends
Ø               Ø Effectively contributes and communicates with the immediate team, systems staff, other business
             units, service offices, agents, and customers, through a collaborative style
Ø    Ø Demonstrates ability to adjust priorities based on changing situations
Ø   ØAbility to recognize and analyze problems and develop timely solutions with minimal supervision
Ø   Ø Builds relationships with peers to achieve objectives
Ø              Ø Balances team and incumbent responsibilities
Ø               Ø  Exhibits objectivity and openness to others views and gives and welcomes feedback
Ø                Ø Puts success of team above own interest
                     Ø Communicates with internal and external customers and peers when appropriate, utilizing solid          written or oral skills
Ø                Ø Self-motivated to drive towards meeting and exceeding team goals
Ø                 Ø Generates innovative ideas on how to improve internal team workflows and processes, as well as identify systems changes that may ultimately enable the company and/or customer to operate in a cost-effective manner

Aetna, Inc., Hartford, CT (Contract)                                                                           September 2012 – August 2013
Integrated Systems Analysts, 2001 N. Beauregard St, STE: 600 Alexandria, VA 22311
System Administrator/Technical Trainer (Tier 2/3) /Instructional Designer:
Troubleshot and performed varied Information Technology desktop support functions for the entire organization
Ø  Provided telephone Desktop Support for employees and contractors throughout the United States
Ø  Performed Windows XP/7 troubleshooting and system rebuilds
Ø  Trained users on multiple platforms (WIN 7& 8, MAC)
Ø  Developed training material through use of Adobe Captivate; created on-line tests, knowledge bases, instructional videos and enhanced the functionality of legacy systems
Ø  Managed the de-acquisition of lease replacement hardware by scanning device serial numbers into database and dependant of condition, age, lease, equipment will either be redeployed or sent back to manufacture. Maintained assets, licenses, financial infrastructure and procurement data on all on-site equipment including desktops, laptops, printers, and other peripherals. Negotiated pricing on equipment, vendor supplies, materials and replacements. Monitored costs and kept excellent records through an in-house database. Held semi-monthly meetings to keep management and vendors abreast on costs, supplies and resources available. Maintained databases for management of hardware and software by determining license agreements and terms
Ø  Configured and supported Microsoft Lync
Ø  Assisted in the transition of Microsoft Windows XP to Microsoft Windows 7
Ø  Supported Microsoft Office 2010 & 2013
Ø  Supported; VPN, VM Ware, Citrix,  routers and modems, Cisco servers, PeopleSoft
Ø  Assisted in the deployment of Windows 7 Operating System and Microsoft Office 2010
Ø  Wyse thin client setup and configuration, troubleshot & repair, maintenance for tele-worker and office worker
Ø  Supported top level executives, VP’s, directors, managers, and the average user
Ø  Received 92 letters of recommendation in the timeframe I was with company 

Xerox Consultant Company, Inc.                                                                                January 2012 – July 2012
7 McKee Place, Cheshire, CT  06410
Desktop Support Analyst (Tier 1):
Ø  Responsibilities included; maintained applications such as Soarian clinical/financial, Hyland Onbase, Premise, dBMotion, Salar, MediTech, Remedy, ImageCast, HRConnect, Kronos, Touchworks Scan, Microsoft Office Suite 2003 & 2010, Windows XP & 7, Adobe suite for use in Internet Explorer, Chrome, FireFox 
Ø  Duties included: Active Directory setup, password resets and configuration, troubleshooting & diagnosis of all types of network and technical issues, installs, updates, and setups. Also configured iPhones and other types of cellular phones,, iPads and Windows/Mac PCs
Ø  Used Remedy incident tracking system to log, resolve and direct customer calls
Ø  Diagnosed LAN, WAN and VPN access issues; Supported VM Ware, Citrix and VSphere
Ø  Logged and directed Clinical Engineering inbound calls for on-site repair
Ø  Acted as liaison between product vendors and customers
Ø  Recorded, prioritized and resolved all inbound break/fix and action requests in the Remedy system
Ø  Ensured adherence to Service Level Agreements signed by the client. Adhered to policy and always met matrix constraints set out by management
Ø  Resolved network user profile issues through password resets and rights management
Ø  Handled all Active Directory questions and issues
Ø  Handled off on-site issues to on-site personal or Application Groups as required
Ø  Proactively identified customer impacting outages and solutions to anticipated issues
Ø  New product roll-out and go-live support for Windows 7 & Sorian application
Ø  Provided feedback and solution scenarios to maintain dynamic knowledge base records
Ø                   Ø Provided assistance and guidance to new hires; trained on system usage, Remedy ticketing, provided              technical assistance by answering questions & support
Ø                  Ø Provided assistance and guidance to new hires; trained on system usage, Remedy ticketing, provided              technical assistance by answering questions & support
Ø            Ø Configured and supported Microsoft Lync
Ø    Ø Assisted in the transition of Microsoft Windows XP to Microsoft Windows 7
Ø    Ø Supported Microsoft Office 2010 & 2013
S    Ø  Successfully completed ITIL training and coursework

Connecticut Computer Coach, New Britain, CT (Contract)                                              May 2009 – Present
290 Brittany Farms Road, STE F, New Britain, CT 06053
Information Technology Consultant (Systems and Implementation Consulting):
Ø     Ø  Project Manager utilizing Agile/Scrum for several clients
Ø  Installed and configured Symantec, Nova, Genie, Power backup systems
Ø  Troubleshot operating Windows XP, WIN7, MAC and a variety of applications including Microsoft office 2003, 2010, Corel Suite, Adobe products, multiple browsers; Internet Explorer, Chrome, FireFox, Email systems; Google, Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes
Ø  Setup, diagnosed and synced with PC and Mac Smartphones-iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc.
Ø  Printer, scanner, and other peripheral devices networked
Ø  Performed networking, routing, firewalls, and desktop PC setup/configure/design
Ø  Wrote excellent documentation for system manuals for an end-user environment
Ø  Trained end-users on in-house and packaged software
Ø  Provided helpdesk and hands-on systems implementations
Ø  Configured Cisco routers and switches
Ø  Working knowledge of Active Directory, SSL, SMTP, DHCP,  & HTTP
Ø  Knowledgeable in Windows 2003 server; installs, upgrades and maintenance. Installed & supported: VM Clients, Citrix connectivity,  and VPN
Ø  Configured and supported Microsoft Lync
Ø  Assisted in the transition of Microsoft Windows XP to Microsoft Windows 7
Ø  Supported Microsoft Office 2010 & 2013
Ø  Created and designed websites and blogs using Dreamweaver. Assisted clients in creating financial wealth in the social media market by promoting their products and services through eBay, Google Adsense, and Commission Junction. Added specialized links to their websites and blogs that self-generate income to promote their business: My blog is: CT Computer Coach:
Ø  Most recent website design: Old Village Antiques, LLC.;

Accellos, Inc.                                                                                                                May 2006-May 2009
204C West Newberry Road, Bloomfield, CT 06002
Software & Systems Implementation and Training Consultant /Instructional Designer:
Ø   Remote and on-site implementation, training and support of Benefits, Accounting, Payroll, Inventory Control  & Logistics, Fleet Maintenance, IFTA Tax Reporting, Log Entry & Auditing, DOT Compliance, Global Positioning Satellite (GPS)  tracking & monitoring.
Ø Business process re-engineering with significant role in process modeling, system testing, configuration to rollout.
Ø  Point-person for Fleet Maintenance application for all internal and external customers
Ø  Produced on-line video, web-based, and computer-based training.
Ø  Wrote instructional media and technical documentation.
Ø  Responsible for scheduling, maintaining, tracking, auditing, and assessing all 300+ client-based on and off- site.
Ø  Developed system requirements, wrote test plans, and managed software/hardware.
Ø  Implemented new software systems and made modification to legacy systems
Ø  Managed company-wide intranet rollout application implementation
Ø  Delivered classroom training for entire managerial staff on business ethics, project management, leadership, facilitation & coaching, and improved supervising.
Ø  Performed training needs analysis and evaluation
Ø  Redesigned training manuals,  project courses and presented monthly course schedule

Northeast Utilities Inc., Berlin, CT (Contract)                                                      April 1997-December 2005
Spear Group, LLC, Two Sun Court, STE 400, Norcross, GA 30092
I.T. Consultant & Project Manager:  
Ø    Ø  Established and maintained Business Continuity Plans throughout the organization.
Ø  Conducted presentations, data gathering and team exercise meetings at management levels.
Ø  Modified and administrated Living Disaster Recovery Planning System (LDRPS).
Ø  Prepared documentation for ConnSave project.
Ø  Designed and implemented Computer - Based Training (CBT).
Ø  Communicated regularly with internal customers regarding work prioritization, requirements, release documentation, and training on all IT systems.
Ø  Created custom reporting system to assess, manage, and comply with company’s employee competencies-based requirements.
Ø  Performed data entry duties and general office procedures.
Ø  Hands on experience with Windows 2003 and 2008 server
Ø  Experienced in working with complex system implementations and organizational procedures
Ø  Knowledgeable experience in Active Directory
Ø  Excellent documentation and communication skills
Ø  Performed documentation and implementation of client storage and implementation of Sungard and Strohl’s Disaster Recovery systems
Ø  Provided technical, business support and project management for over 300 users and 75+ applications.
Ø  Project Manager for a team of web developers to implement a Intranet for the company
Ø  Rolled out a telecommunication replacement manual and an IT licensing handbook
Ø  Wrote technical documentation and specifications for several applications and coursework
Purchased, installed and maintained: Personal Computers, PC hardware and software, managed Novell and  Microsoft servers, administered Lotus Notes and Microsoft Outlook email clients, PBX Switch & Audix telephone devices
Ø  Maintained printers, faxes, copy machines and multimedia devices

Aetna Life and Casualty, Inc., Hartford, CT                                                             May 1994-February 1997
Business Systems Analyst

Point-person for multi-million dollar system enhancements and roll-out which expedited deliverables.
Ø  Created Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) business process flowcharts
Ø  Troubleshot HRIS functionality and design for system upgrades for the implementation of In-Power and PeopleSoft packages. Trained end-users on the system for each new release of the software package.
Ø  Maintained reports through Crystal Reports Writer and Corel Design studio for flow chart specifications
Ø  Point-Person (liaison) for procedural and technical specifications at PeopleSoft in Walnut Creek, CA.
Ø  Wrote test plans and procedures for the development of new software updates and migration strategies


Xerox, Inc., Cheshire, CT                                                                                                                  
ITIL Certification

University of Hartford, MS, Hartford, CT                                                                                        
Organizational Behavior                                                                               
Master’s Thesis: Post Implementation Satisfaction of Human Resource Information Systems

Central Connecticut State University, BS, New Britain, CT                                                

Manchester Community College, AS, Manchester, CT                                                                    
Accounting and Business Administration

Professional references and letters of recommendations available upon request

Monday, March 17, 2014

Updated Resume available

Hi Everyone:

Just wanted to let you know that I've completed a project at Cigna and am currently looking for opportunities. Please take a look at my Resume under PAGES to the right hand side of this blog.

Thanks in advance! If you know of any opportunities I would sincerely appreciate knowing about them.

All the best,

Daily Affirmation...from Louise Hay

This is my daily affirmation I wrote up from a video that is available on my blog. It is the last part of the video from Louise Hay. 

Here is the text if you're interested in copying it:

“I am open and receptive to new ideas. I allow prosperity to enter my life on a level that has never entered in before. I deserve the best and I am willing to accept. My income is constantly increasing. I move away from poverty thinking into prosperity thinking. I love myself. I rejoice in who I am and I know that life is here for me and will supply me with everything I need. I move from success to success, from joy to joy and from abundance to abundance. I am one with the power that created me and I express for me the greatness that I am. I am a divine expression of life and I am open and receptive to all good.
And so it is.”       

~Louise Hay~

Here's Louise Hay's Daily Affirmation Website: Louise Hay-Daily Affirmations

Friday, February 28, 2014

I Love Menopause Because...

Hi All:

Just to let you know, Joyce's book, I Love Menopause Because... (as you  see on the right side of the blog) will be available to be downloaded from shortly. I am on the final phases of submitting this book into production and will let you all know when it become available. Below are a few inserts from the book...

I know you'll enjoy this book. It's been an extreme pleasure working with Joyce and I hope you all enjoy the book. It is available on right now for soft cover purchase. Just click on the link on the left hand sight of my page.